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Since safety is an important core value at The Ruhlin Company, in 2010 our Safety Director, with the support of our Senior Management Team, conducted an extensive search for a proven safety program that would enhance our existing award winning safety program.

The Ruhlin Company selected SafeStart®. Through its effective training materials, knowledgeable speakers, and network of safety professionals, the SafeStart® program has allowed our company to increase safety awareness at work and at home as well as establishing understandable safe behavioral habits for our employees and their family members. The Ruhlin Company is proud to be part of the SafeStart® family of employers that makes safety a top priority.

History of SafeStart®

Through the late 1980's and early 1990's Larry Wilson, founder of SafeStart®, conducted real-life research by talking to thousands of people, performing hundreds of observations and working with various safety experts to identify a solution to reduce accidents and increase safety awareness. By the mid 1990's, SafeStart® began to be more formally developed and tested with significant results. In 1998, SafeStart® was officially launched and was quickly accepted world-wide. 

By 2007, over 1,000,000 individuals were trained in SafeStart®. In 2011, SafeStart® was updated with its Third Edition that includes new videos and leader's guide. Today, well over 2 million individuals in North America have received SafeStart® training, with an additional 2.5 million worldwide. SafeStart® is a registered trademark of Electrolab Limited.

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The SafeStart® program evolves from several understandable safety concepts that include, but are not limited to, states, errors, hazards, and risk reduction techniques.

There are four (4) states that can contribute to an unsafe incident:
• Rushing 
• Frustration
• Fatigue
• Complacency 

There are four (4) states that can cause an unsafe condition:
• Eyes not on task 
• Mind not on task
• Line-of-fire
• Balance, traction, grip 

There are three (3) hazard levels:
• Close calls 
• Minor
• Major

There are four (4) risk reduction techniques:
• Self-trigger on the state (or amount of Hazardous energy) so you don't make a critical erro 
• Analyze close calls and small errors (to prevent agonizing over big ones)
• Look at others for patterns that increase the risk of injury
• Work on habits 


The purpose of The Ruhlin Company's SafeStart® Program is: "To encourage and educate our employees, their families, and our business partners to embrace an enthusiastic and proactive safety-focused life style."


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