To encourage constructive participation and embrace safe work practices at home and within The Ruhlin Company.


Ruhlin | The Safety Culture

“Safety starts with me and it continues with each and every one of us, so let's be safe out there!”
       -Jim Ruhlin, President & CEO

The Ruhlin Company believes in a safety culture that promotes employee commitment, accountability and involvement. Our philosophy is to work safely and not to endanger ourselves or others.

We are constantly improving our safety program and conduct regular safety inspections of all our projects. Employees in every area of the company receive regular safety training and are required to follow all safety procedures.

Commitment to safety is of utmost importance to The Ruhlin Company.

Ruhlin Safety Committees

Core Safety Committee
In 2006, as a commitment to safety and as a way to improve our safety program, Ruhlin developed a Core Safety Committee. The main mission of the Core Safety Committee is to promote safety within the company, specifically; commitment, accountability and implementation of our safety programs.

Our Core Safety Committee consists of:
• President/CEO
• Division Managers
• Project Managers
• Equipment Manager
• Safety Director 

Ruhlin Employee Safety Committee (RESC)
Ruhlin's safety programs are developed, maintained and communicated through the eyes of management, the Core Safety Committee and through the Ruhlin Employee Safety Committee (RESC).

The RESC is comprised of:
• Field Representatives: field foreman, superintendents and craft personnel 
• Project Managers 
• Safety Department Representatives 

The RESC communicates safety ideas to management, implements and improves safe work place practices and obtains feedback from employees to improve Company safety programs.

Ruhlin Employees & Safety

Employee accountability, commitment and involvement help to assure a safe workplace and work place practices in all aspects of Company operations. A safety program can only succeed if each and every employee is committed to a safe work place. From senior management to craft personnel, all of our employees are responsible for safety.

Ruhlin employees receive the following training:
• New-hire Safety Orientation Training 
• Annual Safety Training at the company’s winter conference
• Supervisory field employees are required to complete an OSHA 30-hour course and attend an approved refresher course every three years
• Other field employees are required to complete an OSHA 10-hour course

Ruhlin's Safety Initiative Program

The purpose of Ruhlin's Safety Initiative Program is to recognize and reward jobsites which actively promote a positive safety culture. This program focuses on specific and measurable criteria which encourages the constructive and continuous development of positive safety behaviors.

The program focuses on "leading indicators". Leading indicators, when used to their fullest potential, help reduce incidents and injuries from occurring. The Ruhlin Safety Initiative Program focuses on the following leading indicators:

• the reporting of hazardous conditions,
• toolbox talks/safety training sessions,
• corrective action closure,
• tool and equipment assessments,
• housekeeping,
• participating in the RESC,
• and management inspections.

The 3-R’s for Safety

Every employee has the responsibility and authority to stop work IMMEDIATELY without fear of reprisal, when convinced a situation places themselves, their coworker(s) or the environment in danger. “Stop Work” is defined as the stopping of a specific activity that poses a danger to human health and/or the environment.

REPORT Unsafe Conditions:
Employees are expected to report any activity or condition which they believe is unsafe.

RIGHT to a Safe Workplace:
Any employee who reasonably believes an activity or condition is unsafe is expected to stop or refuse work without the fear of reprisal and request that the safety concern be addressed.


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