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Values / Mission


The Ruhlin Company will provide high quality, cost effective and safe construction services with unwavering integrity while exceeding the expectations of our customers and sustaining profitable growth for the benefit of our employee-owners.


The Ruhlin Company is founded and based upon these basic values.
Ruhlin Company Values - Customer Service

Customer Service

We build a successful project in a cooperative relationship with each of our clients allowing them to focus on their primary business.

Ruhlin Company Values - Employee Relationships

Employee Relationships

Provide opportunities that challenge individuals to grow and achieve success in an atmosphere of communication and mutual respect.

Ruhlin Company Values - Image


We are a recognized leader in quality construction services, construction technologies and service to the community.

Ruhlin Company Values - Productivity


We are committed to continuous improvement and growth through the use of our innovation, creativity, teamwork, training and technology.

Ruhlin Company Values - Profitability


We will maintain profitability through efficient operations and prudent risk management in order to fund future growth and provide a reasonable return on shareholders’ investment.

Ruhlin Company Values - Safety


We will provide a safe and healthy working environment for each of our employees and customers so that each day ends injury free.