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Building Information Modeling

Ruhlin BIM Revit Model
Revit Detail Model used for the Cleveland Clinic AGMC Emergency Department project
With BIM, we offer our clients, subcontractors, and suppliers enhanced schedules, improved quality, more precise estimates and reliable budget projections. Combining BIM with Ruhlin’s construction management process will bring significant advantages to your project.

The benefits of using BIM are many & extend beyond the basic software applications:

  • During preconstruction and bid package development

    • Review the drawings for constructability
    • Tool to organize the interstitial space above the ceiling
    • Review clashes between mechanical and structural elements
    • Develop specific bid package requirements
    • Refine the construction schedule
    • Begin value engineering process
  • Prior to & during prefabrication

    • Map the specifics of the prefabrication component
    • Provide opportunities for cost savings
    • Realize schedule savings
    • Fabricate materials in a controlled environment prior to installation
  • quality control

    • Better coordination of MEP trades
  • commissioning & warranties

    • Assists with as-builts
    • Uses the model as a tool to verify that installation meets the design intent

BIM has become a common tool and an integral part of Ruhlin’s construction process. BIM software is used by the design and construction industry to provide significantly improved reviews of the project during the design phase. The core software in conjunction with compatible programs provides information that allows Ruhlin’s experienced construction professionals to greatly enhance our effectiveness as planners and construction managers.